Sunday, 15 August 2010

First Post!

Hello! Basically, I've made this blog to ...get things off my chest in a way. I've been looking at other people's blogs online for a long time now and thought..fuck it, might as well make my own. : )

I think it'll be a nice chance to get to know some nice people, and also talk about things that I couldn't talk about with my friends...the main thing being the fact that I'm a raving homosexual! (Ssshh).

So, I am gay...and I've had some gay experiences but I'll save them for another time! I'm hoping this will be more of a story/life and picture blog in the end...and at least a couple of people will follow it...please?

Oh, and you can tell when I'm horny because I'll be rolling out loads of pictures for your beautiful viewing

...talking of pictures...

This picture just makes me want to have a boyfriend and someone to trust!
So yeah...please comment/ chat!